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LMC Financial Advisors' Blog

In our blog, we share news about the retirement planning industry, including tips for plan sponsors and helpful articles on a variety of topics, from saving for retirement to budgeting.

The solo 401(k) Thumbnail

The solo 401(k)

On the whole, solo 401(k)s give small business owners increased retirement savings potential. If that is what you need, then take a good look at this option.

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Association retirement plans Thumbnail

Association retirement plans

The U.S. Department of Labor has introduced the Association Retirement Plan, a new retirement savings opportunity for the employees of small businesses. The new rule will widen the field of retirement strategy choices for industries and regions where such plans may not have previously been affordable.

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Understanding 401(k) loan repayment rules Thumbnail

Understanding 401(k) loan repayment rules

The conventional wisdom about taking a loan from your 401(k) plan is often boiled down to: not unless absolutely necessary. That said, it isn’t always avoidable for everyone or in every situation. In a true emergency, if you had no alternative, the rules do allow for a loan, but they also require a fast repayment if your employment were to end.

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